Lemon & Grass at the Concordia Art & Design Store

Lemon & Grass products can now be seen, touched and bought at the Concordia Art & Design shop in Enschede :-D ! Saturday 22nd of April around 15 o'clock me and other designers will be there for the official opening of the redesigned Concordia store. Would be great to see you there!


Adress: Langestraat 56, 7511HC Enschede, The Netherlands


Photoshoot "Self-Development"


What a beautiful assignment to make a series of photographs about the self-development of the soul. Thank you Katharina Senta Mieling for the wonderful opportunity. Katharina is a healer of the soul. Check her website here


Feature Woonblog.eu

Cool! Lemon & Grass got featured in the dutch blog woonblog.eu in an article about their 7 favourite dutch etsy shops. Thanks a lot!


New pillow design

 The new pillow design is now available! Spring / Summer collection 2017.  


Dark matter exhibition

Together with Emmy Bergsma, Ingrid van der Spoel, Lisanne Langenberg and Veronique Schrama, I was able to exhibit my cinemagraphs once again under the title of "Dark Matter".


Thank you Vrijhof Cultuur (University of Twente) for the opportunity! 



Couple Photo Shoot - Megan & Bartosch

Such a lovely couple, such a lovely day! Thank you for stepping in front of my lens <3


Location: G.J. Van Heek Park, Enschede, The Netherlands




If you buy something online at Lemon & Grass, your order will always be giftwrapped, because it is always a gift - either for someone you want to make happy or for yourself <3 . But you can also make a beautiful gift yourself with the fabric baskets. Fill them, wrap them and please make a picture for me to see :-D !



Wedding invitation - Jessica & Tim

As a crossmedia designer, I'm available for all kinds of projects. This time I had the honour to design the wedding invitations of Jessica & Tim! These different projects every once in a while keep me sharp and enhance my creativity. I'm very thankful for that! I dare to say that because I'm not doing wedding invitations* all the time, I therefore cannot copy/paste design elements, so you can be sure that you will get something very personal made just for you :) . 

(* you may fill in something else)


Local sunday market 2016

First (outside home) working day as a mom! Had a great time with Lobke Stroet at the Local Sunday Market in Hengelo (NL) . Wonderful atmosphere, coffee, music and more! Make sure to be there next time if you missed it! Visit the website, it's called Local Treasures now.


Becoming a mother

Being pregnant and still working at a marketing agency I made a very conscious decision for the entrepreneurship. I wanted to be able to be with my son while working and I wanted to be more free and creative than it was possible at the agency. Now that my son is born I do not regret this decision at all. However it becomes more and more difficult to combine being a caring mother and having enough time to work.  (I am writing this as my son is ten months old). But I am blessed with a wonderful husband and family. My husband is going to work 4 instead of 5 days so I can completely concentrate on my work and wellbeing at least one day a week. Furthermore my mother in law also helps out quite often. I could not do this without you! Thank you my dear ones for giving me the opportunity to be a caring mom and chasing my creative dreams!


3 Dagen Rijckdom 2015

Bedankt meiden voor de leuke en gezellige tijd in Deventer! Bekijk hier de website van 3 Dagen Rijckdom


Strawberry Earth Fair 2015

Glad to have been part of the Strawberry Earth Fair in my beloved Amsterdam xxx ! Had a great time there with wonderful, inspirational people and products such as Raori and UbuntuWear <3 . Check out the website for the aftermovie